Thursday, June 25, 2009

good friends, good food, and good times

What a beautiful day it was yesterday. One of dearest friends in the world was here to visit and catch up. She's on an eastward track and we only had one full day but we sure had a good time. Here we are at Balnced Rock with the Ouchita mountains in the background. We took a small hike, checked out the Fordyce Bath House Visitors Center, went for evening boat rides on Lake Hamilton, swam in the too warm water, ate good meals and enjoyed the sounds of the night from the balcony deck. It had been a few years since we've actually had the opportunity to see each other face to face and it was a such a blast to have her here, and to meet her man, who is super nice. Nothing compliments good friends better than spending time in a beautiful surrounding.
Last weekend me and the boys went up to Mountain View. Just a pretty place to visit in the Ozarks. Here are my fellas on Father's Day swimming in and playing at Sylamore Creek. Mountain View is the self-proclaimed Folk Music capital of the world and home to Jimmy Driftwood. We caught some truly fantastic Celtic music on the square when a group from St.Louis set up with instruments and played late into the night. Most evenings around the main square visitors and locals alike gather to hear various kinds of folk music as musicians meet up and form small circles to entertain the masses. What a blast.
We were also there on a weekend that coincinded with a BBQ cookoff. So we got to taste a variety of BBq and see how different each person's take on it can be. So much fun and so delicious.
Stay tuned for my new series of Beaded flower how to's coming soon.

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