Monday, June 1, 2009

fascinator fascination

as i've been looking around the web and checking out what seems to be in as far as fashion trends, i have come across a widely popular item, the feather fascinator. truth be told i wasn't really sure exactly what a fascinator was, at least by name, until about two weeks ago. anyway, my creative juices got flowing to see how i could combine my beaded flowers, feathers and various hair accessories to come up with a few versions of my own. i've posted them here in the incomplete phases just to get 'em out there and feel like i did something.

i'm also really excited because a few weeks ago i ordered some bronze ring bases from turkey and they arrived today. they are a bronze ring base some wiht silver plate and some with gold plate and some with just a bronze finish. i was so thrilled that they finally got here i went right to work creating some simple, sparkly fun rings that i will have available on my etsy site very soon.

off to find more inspiration in the beautiful wildflower photos i took yesterday while hiking to goat rock and gulpha gorge.

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