Tuesday, June 9, 2009

color coated/coded

spent this past weekend up in fayetteville visiting with friends. had a great time talking, eating, talking some more. j's outdoor living area so awesome. when the frogs started singing, and wow did they sing, i felt transported to a tropical paradise complete with warm/cool mixed breezes, tree branches swishing loudly and the refreshing night air all around.

multitudes of beads took the journey with me as i have been working on repleneshing my stock of items available. the flowers in a plethora of colors are slowly making their way into my trays. as i began to stockpile flowers for transformation into clips, rings, and earrings, that i tend to have quite the collection of blue hues with shades of purple follwoing closely behind. i wonder what that says about me?

the chorus hidden from view
begins a pervasive rhythm
of trills, clicks, gurgles and peeps
each musician adds to
the masterpiece
guiding along our conversation

the wind picks up,
the tree branches add percussion
chimes are played by the wind
the symphony is all around us
it seeps into my bones
my foot taps in time
the crescendo
then the last few notes
hovering on the wing of
some passing weather system

silence is golden
my fair friends

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