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Friday, December 16, 2011


Last week our Etsy Denton group had an end of the gathering complete with ornament exchange. It was lovely to get together with other local crafts folk and talk about our fall event and what kinds of plans are lined up.

Here is a image of one ornament I created using copper wire and Czech glass seed beads. A tree for your tree. This ornament ended up going home with Darien whose shop is Design Co Denton. She takes her gals (and guy too) out and about around Denton and makes imaginative, fun stationery.

I lucked out with a double take home since my upcycled, reclaimed wool stocking ornament
was wrapped in a Bridged Bammer Bags original mini. Ian was with me and participated in the exchange too with another tree for a tree made with copper wire and larger Czech beads going along with my Tree of Life series. He took home a really nice reclaimed leather dove ornament.

We all had a great time laughing and stealing each others' ornaments until they were locked down and left passing along warmest holiday wishes. Until the next event, I'm sure everyone will be busy getting through this holiday season.

Friday, December 9, 2011

And the wind blew the trees

Well last weekend was a busy one for me. I attended two events which my new Tree of Life series was featured.

On Friday night, in conjunction with the Denton tree lighting and First Friday Denton I spent the evening demonstrating my technique at A Creative Art Studio. There was live Celtic music as well as a performance by the Denton High strings ensemble. We had warm wassail and tasty finger foods. There was a fairly large crowd that came through and right off the bat I sold two of my trees. The woman who bought them was so excited about them that I couldn't help but feel good and wear a big bright smile.

At the end of the evening I thanked Robin for having me and headed out into the crowd. I must admit that before I located them in the crowd I took a few moments to myself to walk amongst celebrating and take in the Denton evening. I had the chance to taste some of the remaining wassail that was still being served as part of Denton's wassail fest. Thanks La Di Da for the delicious leaded wassail that warmed me up in the cool wet Denton air. Then, I made a quick stop into one of my son's favorite shops More Fun Comics & Games to pick up a little something for Chanukkah.

When I had breathed it all in I headed over to the stage area to find my fellas. Lucky for me, Jim is tall and usually easy to spot over the crowd so it was no problem. We shared the warm wassail and brought in the holiday season with hundreds of other Detonites as Sarah Jaffe and members of Midlake entertained us all. On my way back tot he car I happened upon all the friends I have made over the past year as they stood on the corner schmoozing. What a fun evening.

As if that wasn't enough for one weekend, on Saturday night some of my trees were featured at the Oxide Gallery December opening reception. There were three different shows being featured that night; their regular gallery show, a juried show themed in Childhood, and the juried jewelry show. They had music, catered food, wine and plenty of good cheer. I really enjoyed being able to walk around and chat with the other artists and guests. The show will be up through the month of December and will be changing at the end of January.

Until next week, happy crafting.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

This week

Here at the Beadtanical Garden this week is shaping up to be busy.

I am excited about finally getting my new copper trees posted and available in my Etsy shop. I have about 6 in there currently and will be continuing to add more.

Also coming up this week I will be at two different events in Denton.

The first event will be First Friday Denton at A Creative Art Studio. Robin Huttash always puts on a great event for first Friday with live music, art demonstrations and snacks. This year first Friday will be happening at the same time Denton's annual Wassail Fest. It should be a great evening to come on down to the square and partake in all of the festivities which include a tree lighting, lots of wassail tasting, kids activities and just general celebrating of the holiday season.

Finally I will be rounding out the week over at the Oxide Gallery for their December show opening reception. Some of my newest jewelry pieces will be featured as a part of this juried exhibition. The catered reception is open to all who wish to attend.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

notes on a rainstorm

it's been a while, i haven't really been working on any new pieces. instead i've been focusing on grounding and looking for inspiration around me. here's a poem.

i'm cleaning the cabin

after a week of deep green

on the south toe,

outside, the mother bird

huddles deep into

her corner porch nest

as thunder rolls and rain

comes down hard

i mop

mother nature replenishes

in unison

we freshen the spaces

surrounding us

i jump the gap

heading down the rock walk

to run a load of things

for packing in the car

but she catches me

now, wet

i too am washed

by her majesty

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Splashes of color

I've been rekindling my love of working with acrylic paint.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Know thy wine

This past week I have been continuing to work on using up materials I have at home and not buying new. These wine glass charms come out of a project I bought materials for a number of years ago. My Aunt asked me to create a set of wine glass charms for her and of course I got excited about the possibilities and bought a bunch more beads than I needed to complete her one set. So here are some I made. The ones above are made with semi-precious stones and gold glass pearls. The ones below I made using up some small flowers I had lying around. I've got about 5 or 6 sets made now. Hooray for using up materials.

Monday, April 25, 2011

old tin can

Recently I have gone through a transition in my personal artistic expression. I have spent the past decade focused on creating French beaded flowers of all shapes, sizes, colors and combinations and turning them into jewelery and hair accessories and bouquets. While I don't think I will ever give them up completely, I am currently on hiatus having burned out my enthusiasm for them.

Part of the reason for this I believe is linked to always having to use new raw materials to make the flowers. Sure at times I have found vintage seed beads that I couldn't pass up, but when making upwards of 500 pieces for a show there is just no way I can re-use beads and wire to create the flowers. So, that leaves me using newly made glass beads as well as new copper wire. And although my little bit of crafting won't have a huge impact on a copper mining operation, I wanted to take a break from contributing to the use of new resources.

That's a big part of this shift. I wanted to create from something already in existence. I wanted to take something one step further and use it in a way different from its original intention. My initial idea was the tin can lid medallion necklace. I saw this as a way to use somethign that almost always goes into the trash, the lid of the tin can. I also have tons of loose beads around that I'm not able to use in my flowers becasue it would just take me too long to make good use of them. Using bead mosiac I was able to let out the images of trees stored in my head. Each piece is created using a multi-step process and has a natural flow to it changing and rearranging, delighting me in the various textures and patterns the beads create.

Another joy I am getting from my tin can project is painting. Although I began the tin can project thinking about using up extra beads, it has evolved to provide me with a place to paint out the flowers that are in my head. For years I have collected images of thousands of flowers and over that time they have both stayed separated and yet merged together. I am loving the chance to simply take them from my mind and paint them onto something. I have always loved the textures that can be created with acrylic paint as well as the simple action of mixing colors together. Some hybrid pendants have come from the enjoyment I get from painting and mixing in my love of beaded flowers.

As all things do, the tin can project continues to evolve as I let my creative spirit go. The possibilities seem endless as every time I finish with a new set of pieces I see more and more bubbling to the top of my artistic cauldron. You can see the evolutionary process here in this post from bead mosaic on a tin can lid , to beads and paint, to only paint on a hammered tin can. And while in the end my hammered tin can paintings might appeal to nobody but me, I am completely ok with that. I am completely involved in the act of creating art from what would otherwise be trash and I feel calm and satisfied and free while doing it. The process and what I feel while going through it is not really for anyone else, but I am also not keeping it tight inside just for me. I am glad to share. The idea that someone else may find a smile, a moment of joy or beauty in one of my pieces is thrilling.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Funky Finds Wrap Up

Well the Funky Finds Spring Show was a few weeks ago. It was an interesting experience for me. I had a great time talking with the shoppers and getting to know other crafters from around the area. I managed to barter up a storm and have a blast. Here are some pics from the event.

My ever changing display complete with new panels to best show my clips. Thanks to Doug Henry for making my idea into reality.

this young lady came back on Sunday to get the lovely flower headband you see in her hair

sisters showing off their new clips, it was cool that i just happened to have one duck clip for a little one who loves all things ducks

more sisters showing off their new accessories, i traded with their mom for a lovely locket featureing a small version of one of her paintings

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

On this snowy first day of February, as well as Imbolc, the halfway point between the winter equinox and the summer soltice, I share with you the following Etsy treasury. It showcases a lovely array of daffodils to remind us that spring is on her way.

Sunday, January 23, 2011