Friday, June 12, 2009

bursting with inspiration

last week i went hiking on the trail to goat rock with my boys, we came across beautiful wildflowers blooming, some were ones that are also common in the east, others are similar but native to here in the ouchitas. all were beautiful and i wanted to share them with you. wildflowers come out from the ground on their own volition with no help from human hands. they splash the world with brilliant colors and liven up street corners, parking lots, and even old cracked concrete stairways. it's the spontaneity of the wildflower that inspires me and i use that to create my beadwork pieces. here are some pictures of the wildflowers that can be seen on hot springs mountain.

butterfly weed with delicate, bright orange flowers standing out behind the green of the path

pale purple coneflower is a lighter version of the purple coneflower i am used to in the appalachians, also the petals seem longer and more slender to me

lanceleaf coreopsis is a brilliant yellow that covers the hillsides in both sun and shade

this scaly blazing star with small ball flowers that have long threadlike petals coming out of them is very different than the one i am used to with long spikes and spindly flower petals

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