Sunday, April 4, 2010

project bouquet

My new bead order just arrived the other day. I have been waiting and thinking and planning while they were in transit. These beads are spoken for, there is a plan for them. They will become the flowers of my friend's wedding bouquet and I am getting more excited about it all the time.

After I opened the box and checked out my hanks, I pretty much went to work immediately. Pictured are the petals of what will become 7 asters. That's what I had finished this morning. I spent a good part of today basking outside in the sun and making more flower petals and am up to about 15. Next step, making centers and assembling. Then onto lilies and dogwoods.
One bummer is that now there is no good bead shop here in Athens where I can reasonbly priced hanks and I have to order them online. Becasue of that, the colors aren't always true and the beads I ordered for the dogwoods are simply not the right color. Oh well, I guess I'll have to order some more beads.

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