Friday, October 22, 2010


Well, it's Friday again. The weeks since I've gotten here have really flown by now and I am starting to feel like an actual resident. Well, almost. I have definitely gotten into a groove and have wasted no time in trying to get involved in the happenings of the craft community as well as the wider community.

Tomorrow I will be set up at the 7th Annual Denton Harvest Festival. It looks to be a fun-filled joyous event with live music all day long, lots of activities to keep us all entertained if the music doesn't work, and there is bound to be just an all around good time for all.

I've been busy lately, here are some pics.
cream white petals headband with vintage rhinestone
colored leaves
layered flowers
assembled parts for new rings

Happy Harvest ya'll.

ps: if you want to learn more about the event check out the facebook page below!/event.php?eid=148724811830259&index=1

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