Tuesday, January 5, 2010


So I have been working on some design elemets that will be used to create a one of a kind bridal bouquet to be used by my dear friend next summer. I started with just the lily which was the main flower she has requested. So far I have only made one lily sample but I plan to create 2 more using two different shades of orange that are different from the one I already made. Then I added the purple and white iris element to give height and a new shape and to bring in the lavendar color element she requested. Last night I was up late playing with ideas for little white flowers to fill in. I used the general shape of Dutch Stock and sort of created my own little blooms.

I am feeling pleased with the direction these flowers are taking. I love that in a vase or held in hand these flower elements do what I want, they flow into each other. Even if these particular lements don't work for the bride to be, I think they are wonderful.

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