Friday, October 9, 2009

The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

I simply love Halloween.

It's not just the idea of keeping away all the creepy ghouls from the nether world that I appreciate but the chance to let go and express myself freely. I love the idea of walking between two worlds, traditionally Samhain being the time when the openings to other realms are wide are one could accidentally wind up in the faery kingdom or in the dominion of darkness. I often find myself straddling different ways of being just in daily life and Halloween is one time during the year we can do that with a little less severity.

Around Halloween and especially on Halloween, I personally choose to allow myself to dwell in the realm between responsible serious adult and fun-loving fancy-free child (well at least early twenty-something). I generally tend to let my
guard down on Halloween and will wear some form of costume throughout the whole day, becasue of course I do still believe in faeries and other magical beings.

On that note here are just few new items I created for the fall;
a perfect perky pumpkin patch hair clip, a great pumpkin charlie brown pin, and some fresh cherries to be worn in hair with a matching brooch (they were originally going to be apples, but they didn't really look like apples to me, thankfully I think cherries are great).

Happy fall everyone.

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