Saturday, March 29, 2014

End of the World

As a part of the metals club I had the opportunity to share ideas with others and help to spread the talent of the metals students.  One way to do this was through club participation in special events.   The "End of the World" brooch contest was one of these.  The idea was that each member of the club create a brooch sharing their idea of the end of the world.  I decided to keep on with my exploration of folforming and enamelling.

Here you can see the front of my completed brooch.  I first foldformed the copper base and then carefully applied layers of enamel.  My idea of the End of the World is when plants grow their own barcodes, which you can see emerging from the leaf.  I also used enamel on the back to trap the copper tubing and hook that would be the pin findings and piano wire for the pin stem. 

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