Saturday, November 13, 2010

shows and shows

So, last week I participated in the Ryan High craft show. It was well run and since they have been doing it for 24 years I think they've worked out most of the kinks. There was a pretty good amount of foot traffic through the building which was hosting over 100 vendors.

Doing ths show so soon after the Etsy Denton Barn Sale really gave me an opportunity to try out some new display ideas. You can see some of those changes in the picture.

I would like to thank Leslie Kregel of Cimarrona designs who helped to work out some thoughts I had been having and for offering me new ideas to try. Please check out some of her work which is made from reclaimed wool . She makes beautiful hats from wool sweaters that she felts and lines with fleece. Some of her designs have hand stitched flowers on them, ears, or are cut so that you can wear a baseball cap under them.

I also did a show today for Guyer HIgh School and although there wasn't so many folks out there, I had a good time anyway. They had a car show happening at the same time and it was neat to walk aeound with Ian and look at all of the old mustangs and corvettes and gto's etc...

I must say though that three weeks in a row in a lot for me. I should definitely stick to my belief about only doing shows every other week. There are still one or more opportunities for me here to put in before the end of hte year but I'm not so sure I want to.

Honestly, I'm missing Athens right now. I'm missing the excitement I felt last year when I knew I headed out tot he RXRAD holiday show and the Indie Craftstravaganza, and the Flicker holiday market. Those were venues in which I had a great time, sold and traded a lot of stuff and got the chance to be with other artisans and crafters. While the Etsy Denton barn sale was like that, Denton seems to have a lot of craft shows with a fair amount of merchandise and not necessarily hand made items. Maybe I need to help get that going here.

Anyway, that's it for now. Until next week. New pictures coming of finished commisions.

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