Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kiss my Asters

Some of you may remember that not too long ago I posted about some asters I had in process. These are going to be used in the wedding bouquet that I am creating. Below you can see the pile I had of all of the petal layers awaiting the centers that I had yet to create.

After we returned from our road trip, the beads I was hoping for had arrived and were waiting for me on the porch. In an evening of relaxing and decompressing from riding in the car I worked diligently on the centers you see posted below. I used a lemon yellow Czech glass bead and 26 gague copper wire. I started with a one bead center and made three passes so I ended with 6 rows per center, leaving the wires.

The next step was to attach the centers to the petals to complete this stage of the flower. I made one center per set of petals. First I bent the remaining wires on the centers so that they were behind the center or perpendicular to the rows of beads.

Next I wrapped the center's wires around the loop of the petals so that the center is now securly attached to the petals.

I turn over the flower to make sure it seems centered enough and then tighten the wires.

Next, I bring all of the wires together so they meet in as close to the center of the flower as possible.

Then holding all of the wires tightly I twist them together to create the stem base.

And viola, a whole bundle of asters ready to be used in the final bouquet.

Next step will be to finish the lillies and then onto the dogwoods, boutineer and mother's corsages.

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  1. Have you ever made a hydrangea? I would think it would be impossible, but I'm not a bead lady like you are :)