Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Well on friday I received my rejection postcard from the Lyndon House Arts Center 35th Juried Exhibition. I admit I felt a bit bummed out that one of my pieces didn't make it in. I really thought that my acrylic/poetry/3-d flowers was worthy of exhibition.

Of course here in Athens there are lots of very talented artists and one can never guess exactly what the judge will be loooking for. However, I have in the past often wondered what made certain pieces gain entrance into events like these. With art being such a subjective field it is possible to have a classic masterpiece passed over for something more post-modern abstraction. Not that I'm trying ti imply my works were masterpieces, I just happen to think they were very nice.

Also, beads and beadwork sort of get a bad rap in the fine art world. They are considered more of a craft instead of a fine art although if you haven't seen her work to affirm the fine artiness of beads check out beadwork artist Liza Lou and her amazing airstream sculpture.

Last time I was part of this show I had one piece accepted and one rejected and then a local gallery hosted a refuse show. So, hoping for that second chance. I'll keep you posted.

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