Tuesday, July 7, 2009

new thrills

i just wanted to take a moment and showcase a few of my newer creations. i have been trying to break out of my simple snap clip flower mold and create some other kinds of pieces. what i am showing here are two haircombs that i just think came out so lovely. one is based on a lotus flower and the other an imaginary vine of sorts.

i have also been using some new materials to get different results for my flowers. for instance i was recently introduced to diamond glaze. this product is generally used in the making of the now popular scrabble tile pendants and other similar items where an image is glazed into place and seemingly coated by a resin. well, i have found that on some of my larger pieces, if i use the glaze after i have finished assembling the parts that i can create a a very solid and strong flower. for some of these new combs, like the lotus for instance, the addition of the glaze is great for keeping the piece in the correct form and it stops hair from getting caught in the seperate beads. so cool.

happy crafting everyone.

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